How to decrypt files encrypted virus Trojan.Encoder?

How to decrypt files encrypted virus Trojan.Encoder? ***
And he said malware viruses: "Be fruitful and multiply !..».
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  What a beast Trojan.Encoder?
August 13, 2008 Company Doctor Web, Ltd. reported the appearance of the Trojan extortion, which encrypts user files, after which the virus self-liquidating, leaving in the root directory c: text file crypted.txt with the requirement to pay 10 $ (options: 30 €, $ 89) for the program-decryptor.

  What files are virus encrypts
Trojan encrypts files with extensions:. Jpg,. Jpeg,. Psd,. Cdr,. Dwg,. Max,. Mov,. M2v, .3 gp,. Asf,. Doc,. Docx,. Xls,. Xlsx,. Ppt ,. pptx,. rar,. zip,. db,. mdb,. dbf,. dbx,. h,. c,. pas,. php,. mp3,. cer,. p12,. pfx,. kwm,. pwm,. sol,. jbc,. txt,. p.

Encrypted files can be distinguished by the expansion. crypt .

  How the virus spreads
The virus is spread through contaminated sites, taking advantage of vulnerabilities in Internet browsers.

  Classification of virus
In the classification of Doctor Web, "Trojan was named Trojan.Encoder.19 .
In early September 2008 a new version of the Trojan 11,111,152. Trojan.Encoder.20 [/i] , Which compared with 11,111,152. Trojan.Encoder.19 [/i] changed the mechanism of encryption and key generation.

Exemplary contents of the file crypted.txt :

  Your files have been encrypted!
The decryption utility costs $ 10!
http://decryptor .******
E-mail: decryptor2008******
ICQ: *******
S/N BF_3-pUChT $ bm5
Do not delete or modify the file!!!

  How to decrypt files encrypted virus Trojan.Encoder?
On reference download a free utility to decrypt files (233 CB )
- Run the file te19decrypt.exe ;
- In the utility window, press Continue 11,111,153. ;
- If a window [i] Error
with the message "I can not get a key file c: crypted.txt. You want to specify its location manually? " Press OK ;
- Window View specify the location of the file crypted.txt ;
- Utility decrypt encrypted files.

1. Do not delete the file crypted.txt (On the infected PC is located in the root directory c:). Removing crypted.txt may make it impossible for decryption.

2. Remember that warning is easier than cure! Use a firewall and reliable anti-virus software (see How to choose an antivirus? ) With regular (at least once a week!) Updated databases.

3. More often make a backup of important information (see How to avoid the loss of information? ).