What kind of gifts like lions?

  What kind of gifts like lions? Leo (July 23 - August 23) - now a child of the Fire and the Sun. He himself - a man-sun. With youthful nails every Lion seeks to erect its own golden pedestal, from which so beautiful to look at all this gray, everyday world. Leo came into this world as a gift from God. It is intended to shine and sparkle. It brings people joy and positive, gives them strength and energy. No one has so many positive cherishing creative energy as it is in the passionate nature of solar Leo.

Gifts must be necessarily large, shining, sparkling, like Leo himself. Not for nothing is he the king of nature! Leo likes to give gifts, and, as any fire sign, gives generously to many. Leos love flattery, but fine. Warning Lions must recognize their necessity. The greatest gift for them - to know that his case someone inspirational, someone help, someone supported. Because emotional, bright, high-sounding words of thanks and congratulations with the presentation of your gift to Leo - half the success. Like no other, Leo will revel in these words.

The main thing in the gift to Leo - its value. Lions do not like petty gifts. While gratefully accept any and never express their opinion about the inappropriateness of the gift. A gift must be worthy of the King, to whom every Leo considers himself. Must be expensive - brand new car, camera, laptop, subscribe to the prestigious club, Stay at expensive resorts, coats, jewelry and everything else from the world of luxury and wealth. Each gift must be first-class. When choosing a gift is always guided by only one criterion - you choose a gift for the Sun King!

Even if it's perfume or a book - it should be unique and exclusive copies. Lions - a very creative mind and love to create something amazing. Give them something that accentuates their passion, passion.

Leos love the grandiose and extreme sight, because your gift could be the ticket for the super-show or a pass to the diving school or a golf club. If it will be fine entertainment, they also will have to taste your Leo.

  What kind of gifts like lions?
Leo - aesthetic. He was magnanimous and generous. Very gifted and rich nature. No wonder that he was born in the most generous time of year! Summer temperament - summer gifts. Gorgeous exotic bouquets and huge box of chocolates. Beautiful doroguschie bottle of whiskey or brandy. Silverware and gold ornaments. The list is endless, and it all will like you to Leo.

Leo loves nature and animals, the world of art and arts. By its nature it is, rather, an artist than a man of science, and therefore requires constant compliments, approval and praise. Feelings dominate his mind. Because always the first to come to the aid of the needy and suffering.

A red button for each Lion - the sea of delight. Admire your Leo, build him a golden pedestal and put him there - and it will be your forever. Praise for everything - for the perfect taste, great ideas, energy, vigor, for the views and suggestions. Leo does not like criticism and comments in his address. Do not wake the beast in him!