Who invented the Caesar salad?

  Who invented the Caesar salad? I love salads, especially "Caesar" , So light, delicate and rich at the same time. That's why I was interested in the question of origin of this wonderful salad. That's what we found out.

More than a century ago, back in 1896, around a small little town Italian Lago Maggiore to light had the baby, whose parents named Caesar. Naturally, he was not Julius, but simply 11,111,116. Caesar Cardini. [/b] In hard times after World War I he was forced into exile together with his brother Alex in the U.S..

There, they decided to go into business and opened a small restaurant, which was a hotel and restaurant and called «Caesar's Place», which translates to English means "Caesar". The very institution is not in the U.S., and in the Mexican town of Tijuana, located 20 miles from the city of San Diego, where he lived himself Caesar. The fact is that in those days, when the U.S. was introduced "dry" law, only through such geographical tricks could be a profitable business.

Once the holiday of Independence Day U.S. July 4, 1924 in an institution Cardini suffered an unprecedented influx of visitors, not simple. Among to celebrate this great holiday, it quite drunk, had a lot of Hollywood stars. Naturally Cardini did not want to hit the face in the dirt. And everything would be fine, as with alcohol problems "Caesar" was not, but the snack was tight. When all the decent food stocks came to an end, it turned out that the nearest shops were closed. Holiday after all. All that poor thing managed to scrape together Caesar - it was: eggs, bread, lettuce, oil, garlic, parmesan cheese and worcestershire sauce. Cardini had nothing to do, how to mix the available ingredients and to offer these things the invention of the distinguished guests. And this is how salad, which became known and popular throughout the world, and was subsequently named after its inventor.
This story has been told her daughter Rosa Cardini and is considered a classic. Especially since many times, this version was published in such respected newspapers and magazines as «Chicago Tribune» (from 23 July 1987), «The Santa Fe New Mexican» (from 28 May 1997), «Tulsa World» ( on July 9, 1997) and many others. But of course, that over the years of its existence, the history of "Caesar" had time to grow a different, and not very believable, rumors and speculation.

They said that the first who was lucky enough to try a wonderful salad, were Clark Gable and Jean Harlow. But in fact this could not happen, because in 1924, Gable was very young and completely obscure, and Harlow was 13-year-old girl and the bars and restaurants did not go. The only witness the creation Cardini their culinary works, which have found, was Julia Child, who later became well-known author of cookbooks.

So what was 1,111,118. The first part of "Julius Caesar" [/u] Who fed and Cardini group of filmmakers? First, Caesar rubbed garlic dish, lay at her salad, poured oil, smashed eggs there, until then cooked in a special way (the eggs were dropped into boiling water for exactly one minute, resulting in acquired texture, perfectly suited for charging), then added grated cheese, lemon juice, worcestershire sauce, spices, croutons, made with added olive oil and garlic. This was a classic "Caesar", no more ingredients there are not present.

Later, Caesar began to add more and anchovies, but then tried brother Caesar Alex, who, after serving a military pilot, returned to Caesar a hand in his business. In this salad, but with anchovies, Alex entertained American airmen from San Diego. A new dish, however, called the "Salad Aviator" as Caesar himself was against such additions and believed that Worcestershire sauce is enough for a spicy taste of salad. Now in "Caesar" what did not add: and shrimp, and olives, and even chips. But whatever it was, regardless of their variations and methods of cooking, unforgettable taste of "Julius Caesar" still continues to please fans of salads throughout the world.

I myself am preparing a little too non-classical version "Caesar" I think no less delicious. So, for the salad I am taking:
100 g wheat biscuits, 300 g smoked chicken, 1 large bunch of lettuce, 50 g parmesan.

  For the filling:
100 ml olive oil, 1 clove garlic, 2 boiled egg yolks, 2 tsp mustard, 1 tsp good vinegar, juice of 1/2 lemon, salt and pepper.

First, do refueling. To do this you need to mix oil with extruded through chesnokodavilku 1 garlic clove, then add there powdered with mustard and egg yolks, vinegar, lemon juice, salt and pepper to taste, remaining oil and mix thoroughly. After cooking the sauce you can do directly salad. In bowl put his hands torn lettuce leaves, then chicken, pour all the sauce, sprinkle with grated parmesan. Just before serving, add more and crackers. If the filling has turned too much (it depends on the amount of lettuce), it can be used for any vegetable or meat salad, or smear the chicken before frying.