Furniture history. Who invented the furniture?

Furniture history. Who invented the furniture? It is unlikely we will ever know, finding out the appearance of furniture. It certainly came at a time when the woman started to worry about creating coziness and comfort in your home, making just returned from a tiring hunt husband make primitive, but much needed items of furniture ...

 Archaeologists suggest that the furniture as an independent and absolutely essential piece of furniture has appeared in ancient Egypt. This is evidenced by excavated fragments of ancient furniture masterpieces. They are made of black Ethiopian wood, ivory, cane, papyrus, skin and tendons of animals.

In turn, the furniture found in ancient tombs of the richest persons - priests and pharaohs - astonishingly luxurious and intricate: it is exceptionally beautiful caskets, boxes, chests. Produced their most valuable timber species (black wood), adorned with precious materials: ivory, teeth, stones (colored malachite, turquoise).

 Furniture history. Who invented the furniture? At this time, in the tradition of creating furniture included the cult of natural motifs. Specifically, the legs of stools were performed in the ancient form of animal hooves, armrests thrones were made in the form of walking lions. The throne for the most wealthy individuals do not stint on gold, colored enamels, carvings, pearl, colored glass. We used mostly paint warm colors: yellow, red, green, black, brown, and blue and white. During excavations in the examination chair of the pharaoh Tutankhamun was discovered that the upper part of the back is decorated with a metal plate, depicting a winged golden sun - symbol of the god Ra.

Notably, it was the Egyptians had to invent a lot of innovations in the design of furniture ensembles: chairs, armchairs, benches, stools, tables, beds, chests and coffers - it is their invention. It should be noted that ordinary people store food, clothing and other utensils mostly in baskets, boxes and clay vessels. They slept on mats, woven mats spread out on the floor. They sat, depending on welfare, on the ligaments cane, straw, or on simple stools.
Excavations at Greece showed that all the attention the ancient Greeks mainly devoted to architectural art, but the cult of furniture did not exist. If it were made and then made of wood, bronze and marble. Although the original samples of wooden furniture that has not been preserved. The most important type of household furniture was the chest - a special box for storing things. The walls of these chests were covered with paintings of different colors. In addition to stalls, in common parlance the ancient Greeks were very common tables on three pillars, made in the form of the legs of large animals.

 Furniture history. Who invented the furniture? [i] Romans 11,111,115. Except furniture made of wood, bronze and marble, made more furniture, woven from willow twigs. General forms of the ancient Roman furniture was elegant and refined, but suffered from excess jewelry. Wooden furniture decorated carving, gilding, inlaid wood of different colors, enamels, pieces of earthenware, gold and silver. There was also a decorative furniture, stationary, made of white or colored marble with mosaic decorations.