February 2, 1907, precisely 100 years ago, died on our wonderful compatriot - Dmitri Ivanovich" />

What Mendeleev invented the first: the periodic system of elements or vodka?

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 What Mendeleev invented the first: the periodic system of elements or vodka? February 2, 1907, precisely 100 years ago, died on our wonderful compatriot - Dmitri Ivanovich Mendeleev. I inquired from his friends, who he remembers about Mendeleev?

- Drunk, prikemaril, dreamed of a table in the morning instead of sober rushed to arrange chemical elements - immediately responded Cyril.
- You only have to drink, - parried Nastya - people tried. And, incidentally, he was a father of Alexander Blok. Togo, that the poem "Twelve" wrote.
- Vodka he invented! - Raised his right thumb Kostya. - Man!
- I read that once, in a total solar eclipse it in a balloon above the clouds rose, so as not to miss the observation - said Olga. - And all of it believed to be killed!
How many people, so many opinions!

Meanwhile, the figure of Mendeleev's not so unequivocal. For example, a researcher from St. Petersburg life and work of the scientist Yu Chukanov sure that vodka was invented not a Russian chemist, a Spanish alchemist and, concurrently, a Catholic saint, Raymond Lully in the XII century. And only Mendeleev wrote his doctoral dissertation "The compounds of alcohol with water." Incidentally, this happened in 1865, that is, four years before the opening of the periodic table of chemical elements.

Do not studied it well and the impact of alcohol on the body. A standard of 40 degrees was first introduced in England - for better collection of taxes from distilleries. From there, he was borrowed imperial "Monopoly". Traditional Russian vodka and Ratafia always been in 27 degrees ...

Not so simple, and the theory of "sleep" at the opening of the periodic system. According to the same Chukanova, the Mendeleev had 70 cards on which he recorded the names of well-known at the time of the chemical elements, and every evening before the first roosters "playing patience," until he could not get.
Indirect confirmation of this there is a doctor of technical sciences R. Saifullina of Tatarstan, which indicates that when the March 1, 1869 Mendeleev published a periodic table of elements and the law, it contained 67 items.
Who is the author of the "theory of sleep" today we do not know. Most likely, this was one of idle journalists, who wanted such a way to attract attention as to their object and to the identity of DI Mendeleev.

And now a few facts from the life of the great chemist, of which either do not know or forget.
In the journal "Science and Life» № 7, 2004 I found this interesting information: from the total number of his works devoted to the actual chemistry of only 9%. With much greater reason, Dmitri Ivanovich could be called a physical chemist, physicist, or technologist, for each of these areas, he has devoted approximately 20% of their work. Finally, a large portion of his research falls on geophysics (5%) and economy (8%).

And here is a brief chronology of the first half of the life of a brilliant scientist: born in a family director of the Tobolsk grammar school and was the 17th, the last child (only eight survived). In 1921 graduated from the natural-mathematical faculty of the main Pedagogical Institute in St. Petersburg. In the 22 - protects the mathematical dissertation on measuring the specific gravities of substances. In the 27 years - publishing a textbook "Organic Chemistry", which is undergoing a six editions in pre-revolutionary Russia.

And here is a short list of "hobbies" Mendeleev: fine chemical research and cheese-making, the pulsating pump action of fertilizers, the temperature of the upper layers of the atmosphere and the most convenient design of kerosene lamps. He was interested in the problems of navigation and shipbuilding, working out of the customs tariff, he worked in the Main Chamber of Weights and Measures.

The scientist wrote about the world live and on film Kuindzhi, on the icebreaker "Ermak" and the development of the Donetsk coal.

And his discovery of prescription smokeless powder is still considered one of the most brilliant operations in military intelligence. In 1891 Dmitri Ivanovich went on a business trip to France. The French authorities have warmly welcomed the guests and even staged a one hour tour of the factory smokeless powder, but the proposal to open the secret of its chemical composition replied with a categorical refusal.

What did Mendeleev? Having heard that the factory wired to a special railway line, he had carefully studied all the publications on the transport of raw materials and products to the plant, asked residents whether failures in their delivery? The obtained information about the number delivered to the plant cellulose, sulfuric and nitric acids, allowed scientists to draw up a "recipe" of smokeless powder, which is an improved version was tested on the Russian gunners Volkov Field in St. Petersburg. Russian version of smokeless powder, called the Mendeleev pirokollodiynym began to be produced in Russia on an industrial scale.